Organic Sloe Gold Rum 35cl


Sloe Gold Rum Liqueur 35cl

The Cotswolds meet the Caribbean in one of the happiest marriages imaginable.  Our sloes from the farm have been blended with organic golden rum.  Brand new and ready for 2019.  The end result has to be tried…


New for 2019 the sloe gold rum has been a couple of years in the making and is now ready for some serious drinking action!  Sloes from the farm have been soaked in organic golden rum. A little sugar has been added but not much given the sweeter nature of the rum compared to other spirits.  A tiny twist of our organic blackcurrant liqueur has come to the party as well, just to give you that Vitamin C hit!  And out of respect for the longstanding tradition of rum and black.

The sloe gold is great in a hip flask in the cooler months or straight up with some ice on a winter’s night.  In the summer, it’s surprisingly good as a long drink with tonic or more conventionally with ginger beer.  For the bakers out there, how about using it in your next rum baba?