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The Brick Kitchen, East London

An afternoon in London at the Brick Kitchen was just what we needed…


Sometimes, just sometimes, we can feel a wee bit jaded out here in the sticks. Running an organic farm at times feels if not like total madness then at least a great part idealism and an even greater part foolhardiness.

So we are gladdened in heart and soul to see that there is a growing and determined trend to truly seek out independent, small scale producers, hardworking people with proper ethics, and a passion for what they do.

Sam Hodges, a chef from East London is one of those spearheading the revolution.

His return to grass roots vision of devising a menu sourced from rare breed, foraged or organic produce led to him setting up The Brick Kitchen, an event showcase for in the form of a five course tasting meal, everything paired with drinks from independent growers, vineyards and distilleries. And us.

The Brick Kitchen is a pared back red brick and white lofty space set right within the cultural hub of East London. On Sundays. the Colombia Road flower market buzzes outside, but this being Saturday, quiet reigned as sunlight streamed through the window over 8v7a3898long scrubbed pine tables. We sat down and breathed in the atmosphere and the smell of something very delicious.

Eating is informal and relaxed. From the outset when we were served a basket of warm and chewy local sourdough with delicious butter from a small dairy, the chatter buzzed, focusing initially on the food and the attention to detail and then as it does, flowing onto other topics; the flower market, London, liqueurs (obvs). We also hit the jackpot with our lovely dining companions, a complete bonus!

Over the five course tasting menu, we were all introduced to wagyu charcuterie, British grown quinoa, local goat’s cheese and foraged samphire, and um…blackcurrant liqueur from the Cotswolds (everyone loved that one!).

We’ve been totally inspired by Sam and Hannah who had taken us through the menu and topped us up liberally, and really pleased that so many small producers are getting such a delicious showcasing, so thank you both….any time you have a spare seat, just whisper the word!