Organic Redcurrant Liqueur 35cl


Redcurrant Liqueur 35cl

Made with bountiful Rovada organic redcurrants, this is a beautiful almost fluorescent ruby coloured liqueur.  It will impart a vibrant colour to your cocktails and bring a lovely balance of sharp and sweet.




Our organic redcurrant liqueur is made from the Rovada variety first planted on the farm in 2015.  These are now at peak production and the liqueur made from their bushes is proving popular at food fairs.  The more visual punters are particularly captivated by the extraordinary almost fluorescent, but totally natural, colour of the liqueur and can’t wait to take it home and splash some in their fizz.

The colour of the liqueur has also led to the creation of the Redcurrant Negroni in which the Campari is ditched and replaced with our redcurrant nectar.  The redcurrant ensures that the resulting drink is the same colour as a traditional Negroni and while there is a pleasant sharpness that comes with the redcurrant, there is none of the bitterness of Campari.

If you prefer a culinary use for your liqueurs the redcurrant is great with ice cream or soaked into summer puddings.