Organic Sloe Gin 35cl


Sloe gin liqueur

Sloe gin is our newest product. The sloes come from different varieties of blackthorn all grown on our farm.


Sloe gin is one of our newest products, and has fast become a winter staple.

Blackthorn is the bush from which sloes, a dusky berry of the plum family, are derived. On our farm the blackthorn grows in abundance, away from roads and pollutants, and every year a bounteous crop of sloe berries is yielded.

We soak our sloes in organic Juniper Green gin, sweetened with organic sugar. The sloes steep in the gin for several months before being hand filtered and bottled. To enhance the fruitiness, we blend a hint of our blackcurrant liqueur in with the finished sloe gin.

Sloe gin is a hip flask essential, but is also a cocktail favourite, try in a negroni (2 measures sloe gin, one measure campari, one measure sweet vermouth, ice) or with champagne. In the kitchen it is a wonderful alternative to brandy in cooking, adding a measure to your roast chicken gravy transforms the flavour.